HDFC Egro Health Suraksha policy services, coverage range

HDFC Egro Health Suraksha policy services, know more about offered by hdfc egro basic health insurance plans which cover most of the hospitalization expenses, The basic coverage policy for everyone. The coverage under plans available as both individual and family floater. Individual coverage and family floater coverage plans.

HDFC Individual coverage plans, the policy offers coverage range for individuals of any age above 3months. pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses, no sub-limits additional services cashless benefits plans, Hospital expense coverage plans, benefits coverage for everyone. Maternity health Suraksha policy, ambulance cover, cashless benefits, hospital expense cover benefits provided in the plans.

HDFC Family floater coverage basic services, floater plans coverage health costs of the entire family in the range of 3lakh and 5lakh rupee. pre, post hospitalization expenses, no sub-limits, cashless benefits, expense coverage, ambulance cover provided in the plan. get various Suraksha Gold policy get best services.